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I Have A Job!!! Now Let’s Get You One.

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Links updated After 408 days of unemployment I finally have a job offer which I am going to accept.  It has been a long road but God is good and has seen my family through this tough time.

For this reason my blog will be mothballed indefinitely until I get settled in my new place and job. If I begin to find time to start posting again I will.

But, for all my fellow urban planners who are desperately looking for a job I want to share with you the list of my internet job searching resources specifically for planning.  You have probably hit many of these sites but I bet there are some you haven’t seen or thought of.  The best resource, and the site that led me to the place I found my new job, was www.jobster.com It crawls many newspapers and other job boards for any kind of job in any zip code.  I would search terms like “AICP”, “Urban Planner”, “Land Use”, “Urban Design”, and “Planning Director”.  You will find you have to refine your search to omit or add (using – or +) to get the detail you need.

Planning Specific Job Sites:

Similar Professions & Government Job Sites:

On Twitter follow these for job blasts several times daily:

  • @CUPPACareers
  • @GetUrbPlannJobs
  • @GreenBizJobs
  • @greenerjobs
  • @JobAngels
  • @EcoEmploy

Good Luck & Hang in there, I know it is tough and I’m here to talk to via email or twitter if you need some help, want a second set of eyes on your resume or cover letter, or even just a sympathetic ear.  I’m here.